Who Travels With St Nicholas In France

It is widely believed that Santa’s sidekick is Saint Nicholas, but who exactly travels with him in France? It is difficult to answer this question definitively, as the exact origin of the legend is unknown. However, the story of St. Nicholas and his cohorts appears to have traveled from its Turkey-based origins to France in the 8th or 9th century.
Since then, the popular tradition of traveling with St. Nicholas has been largely integrated into French culture and customs. In its most traditional form, St. Nicholas’ followers – or the petits Sainte-Nicholasts – wear long red robes and tall hats and carry sticks or staffs as they move throughout the country leading celebratory parades, presenting gifts to children, and helping to spread good cheer.

The Benefits of Traveling with St. Nicholas2>
The traditional followers of St. Nicholas often bring many benefits to French communities. As they travel throughout the country, they help to further the spirit of generosity and holiday cheer. They also serve as a reminder to people of the kindness and compassion of St. Nicholas and his teachings.

The Impact of Traveling with St. Nicholas2>
In addition to the potential benefits, however, there are also some potential drawbacks to traveling with St. Nicholas. First, some experts argue that introducing children to St. Nicholas at too young an age can lead them to believe in the fictitious character more than they should. Second, some historians believe that by presenting St. Nicholas as a beloved figure to children, the real personage of St. Nicholas (and the actual historical events surrounding him) may be overlooked or misunderstood.


Overall, it appears that traveling with St. Nicholas in France – although rooted in a long-standing tradition – is a practice that may be less beneficial to communities than previously thought. As such, it is important to strike a balanced view between acknowledging the important religious and cultural implications of the figure of St. Nicholas and being careful to ensure that we maintain a healthy level of skepticism and thoughtful consideration of the impact of such traditions.

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