What Do I Need To Travel To France

Traveling to France is an adventure for many, but it may be daunting to consider just what one would need in preparation for their journey. To ensure a successful and exciting vacation, there are several factors to consider, from obtaining the necessary documents to appropriate packing and obtaining proper medical coverage. This op-ed provides an impartial perspective on what is needed to successfully travel to France.

Necessary Documentation

The first and most essential step to take prior to departing for France is to be sure to bring or acquire the necessary identification and travel documents. For anyone from the United States, a valid passport is absolutely necessary to travel internationally. Non-U.S. citizens may require additional documents such as a visa and a long-term residence permit, as well as proof of citizenship or nationality. Additionally, all travelers should have records of any immunizations they have received. It may be advisable to purchase additional travelers’ insurance in case an emergency or unforeseen event should occur.


In terms of packing, it is important to think practically and bring items that will be helpful in France. Clothing should be appropriate for the region and season, and a traveler should bring items such as a coat, shoes and a hat. Luggage should not be too large or too heavy, as it is usually difficult to navigate around France with large items. Additional items such as a first-aid kit, adapters, a guidebook and maps should also be brought along. There are many stores in France where more items can be purchased if necessary.

Consider Medical Coverage

Travelers should usually consider obtaining medical coverage before their trip, as medical treatment in France is not free. Health insurance policies from your home country may not be valid in France, so it is important to do some research and purchase a policy that will cover medical expenses should the need arise. It is also important to verify if any prescriptions that you take are available in France. In case they are not, bring a supply of medication or get a prescription transferred from your home country to a French pharmacy.

Take Precautions

Beyond documentation and packing, it is also important to research the local customs in France. Knowing the language and basic phrases can be a great help when navigating around the country. Additionally, one should be aware of the potential risks associated with traveling abroad, such as pickpocketing and scams. Exercising caution and common sense is essential to avoiding any dangerous or unpleasant scenarios.

In conclusion, traveling to France requires some careful planning and consideration in order to make a trip successful and enjoyable. Being aware of documents needed, packing appropriately and obtaining medical coverage are essential for any traveler visiting France. Furthermore, being aware of common issues such as crime and language difficulties can help travelers stay safe and have a pleasant experience in the country.

Shirley Blanc

Shirley J. Blanc is a French expat and a passionate Francophile. She has been living in France for over a decade, and loves to share her experiences and knowledge about the country with others. Shirley has written extensively on topics such as French culture, language, travel, and cuisine.

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