Two Travelers Meet In France

When two travelers meet in France, the resulting journey can be incredibly memorable. With its diverse landscapes, captivating cities and unique culture, France can be the perfect backdrop for two individuals to grow and learn new things. But with this opportunity for personal growth, there must also be observed potential negative implications that should be considered.

When two strangers, particularly of different cultural backgrounds, come face to face and are immersed in a culture foreign to them, the experience can lead to fear, prejudice and misunderstandings. Coming from disparate backgrounds, travelers may come from a place of general unfamiliarity, and lack of understanding of the other person. This can lead to a variety of negative scenarios, from disrespectful behaviour and underlying racism, to prejudice and even violence. The French anti-discrimination league, DILCRAH, provides a section on their website devoted exclusively to exploring how to combat racism and xenophobia.

At the same time, travel can be a positive experience for two people from vastly different backgrounds. It provides an opportunity to learn, grow, and gain insight into alternative ways of life. Research has proven that travel can result in tangible mental health benefits, including increased self-confidence, improved problem-solving skills, and greater life satisfaction. In fact, German researchers found that travelling even as little as two weeks per year resulted in a significant decrease in stress and depression when the travel was done together, as opposed to alone. In addition, two travelers can learn from each other’s experiences in a way they would not be able to do alone.

While there are potential pitfalls, two travelers meeting in France can also be an enriching, transformative experience. It can forge a connection between two individuals, exposing them to experiences and cultures unlike their own. France is a wonderful place to explore, and can provide a backdrop for intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth. With proper planning, understanding and respect, two travelers can make France an incredible experience that they will never forget.


When two travelers meet in France, it can be a rewarding experience if done with proper respect and understanding. There is the potential for a transformative experience, but it is also important to be mindful of potential pitfalls. By taking caution and recognizing each other’s differences, two travelers from disparate backgrounds can make travelling in France a meaningful and educational journey.

Shirley Blanc

Shirley J. Blanc is a French expat and a passionate Francophile. She has been living in France for over a decade, and loves to share her experiences and knowledge about the country with others. Shirley has written extensively on topics such as French culture, language, travel, and cuisine.

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