Travel To France For Christmas

Traveling to France for Christmas can be an extraordinary festive season experience, but also comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. This op-ed examines the various positive and negative implications of spending the holidays in this European country, while also considering the impact on public health and safety, cost, and other factors. With its diverse cities and towns, incredible cuisine, and spirited culture, a well-planned trip can present with both an unforgettable and safe trip.

The Benefits of Travel to France for Christmas

France is a charming and vibrant country visited by millions of visitors every year. With a vast array of attractions suitable for all tastes, along with world-renowned cuisine and unparalleled hospitality, it is no surprise many travelers choose to spend their holidays here. In particular, cities such as Paris, Nice, and Lyon offer visitors majestic monuments and landmarks to marvel at, diverse sightseeing opportunities, and a unique chance to sample traditional French cuisine. December brings beautiful festive decorations that offer a magical atmosphere not found elsewhere. During such season, festivals and Christmas markets crowd the streets, including those of Montpellier, a city known for its lively atmosphere and lively nightlife. For those seeking a more serene holiday, the Alps region is the perfect place to find warmth, fresh air, and mountain-related activities such as skiing.

The Downside of Traveling to France for Christmas

In comparison to many other countries, France has numerous health and safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of both travelers and locals. Despite this, the risk of COVID-19 still exists. According to the World Health Organization, as of December 2020, the number of active cases in the country is one of the highest in Europe, with France recording over two million cases associated with the virus this year alone. This means that if travelers do visit, they must be extra cautious and adhere to safety measures provided by the government.

Furthermore, during the month of December, the cost of travel and lodging in France can be quite expensive. Visitors should anticipate the prices to spike, with activities, attractions, and nightlife costing more than usual. It is suggested to purchase airfare and book accommodations in advance to benefit from lower prices and discounts. Additionally, other factors like weather can interfere with a traveler’s itinerary and expectations, as the region tends to experience lower temperatures.


Ultimately, a trip to France for Christmas is not a decision to take lightly. With the right preparations and precautions, however, travelers can experience the country’s glorious sights and charming culture in a safe and enjoyable way. In order to ensure an unforgettable Christmas, travelers should forward-plan their trip, researching health protocols and restrictions, as well as understanding the risks and cost implications associated with their visit. The beauty of the country, its culture and traditions, make the effort worthwhile.

Shirley Blanc

Shirley J. Blanc is a French expat and a passionate Francophile. She has been living in France for over a decade, and loves to share her experiences and knowledge about the country with others. Shirley has written extensively on topics such as French culture, language, travel, and cuisine.

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