Travel Tips For Americans In France

Americans travelling to France face a mix of pleasures and frustrations.On one hand, the country offers a wealth of bustling cites and countryside areas,fine dining,rich history and culture, and an opportunity to discover a country that has shaped European history for centuries.However,local customs and language barriers may present challenges to those who are unaccustomed to them.This article explores strategies that may be used to overcome the hurdles associated with visiting France, thus ensuring an enjoyable and memorable trip.


Although the majority of French citizens can understand and participate in conversations in English,it is important to remember that the language of the country is French.Even if you are only comfortable speaking a few words, take the time to learn basic phrases before making the journey. French people are often impressed by visitors who make the effort to learn some of the language – even if it is not spoken correctly! Additionally, carrying a pocket-sized dictionary or a translation app on your phone can provide a quick reference while crossing language barriers.

Look the Part

Americans are often perceived as being loud and flashy in many places, and may be judged or draw unwanted attention when travelling in France.The key is to dress and act appropriately, taking cues from the locals and being aware of customs and traditions. Generally speaking, dressing smartly can go a long way in France. It is also important to leave behind certain American gestures and habits, such as talking with one’s hands, yelling, and wearing baggy clothes.

Petites Parisienne

Equally as important is to practice good manners while in France. It is expected that visitors will remain polite, respectful, and courteous while interacting with the locals.It is also considered impolite to use certain expressions and nosy when ordering in French restaurants.When entering stores or other places of business, it is customary to ask permission before taking photos.French people have a strong sense of décorum and etiquette, and making an effort to show respect and understanding for their customs will make your visit to France an entertaining and pleasant experience.

Cultural Curiosities

France has a rich heritage that shapes many of its customs and traditions.Visiting a château or museum can be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in French culture and gain insight into a different way of life.It is also important to remember that France is a democracy and many of its citizens take pride in the work they do for their country.Engaging in conversations with the locals can be a great way to get insight into the area and its customs.


France is a safe country for travellers, but visitors should remain cautious when travelling. France has strict laws regarding the possession and consumption of alcohol, and public drunkenness may result in fines or imprisonment.It is also important to keep an eye on your belongings and to be aware of pickpockets in busier areas.Most cities have public transportation, which is a great way to get around, but it is always advisable to keep an eye on your bags and make sure they are secure.


France has much to offer both tourists and locals alike and with the right knowledge, it can be a wonderful vacation destination. By understanding the language, dressing and acting appropriately, showing respect for local customs and traditions, and remaining mindful of safety, American travellers can easily have a wonderful trip to France and enjoy all it has to offer.

Shirley Blanc

Shirley J. Blanc is a French expat and a passionate Francophile. She has been living in France for over a decade, and loves to share her experiences and knowledge about the country with others. Shirley has written extensively on topics such as French culture, language, travel, and cuisine.

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