Travel In France Like A Local

Travel in France like a Local can be a rewarding experience for anyone, no matter where they come from. This is due to the magnificence of the French countryside, the hospitality of the people, the exceptional food and wine, the majestic monuments, and the unique culture. With a little bit of knowledge, anyone can make the most of their French adventure and traverse the country like an insider.

Experience the True French Culture

Exploring the French language and culture is an imperative part of the French experience. From reading French novels, chatting with locals in cafes, musing through art exhibitions, to appreciating classic films, travelers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the French culture, a privilege not every place in the world can offer. France’s regional cultures, traditions, and dialects are fascinating to experience first-hand, so travelers should take the time to explore the country through local eyes. It is through interacting with the people that a genuine appreciation of the country’s charm and culture can be developed.

Discover Local Cuisine

French cuisine is renowned worldwide for its quality. From organic farmers markets to Michelin-starred restaurants, there is a diverse range of food options for travelers. The most popular dishes in each region offer an insight into the local customs and products. Travelers should venture beyond classic restaurants to discover the true tastes of the region. By joining a food tour, travelers can learn about regional dishes and interact with local chefs, and discover hidden gems for the most authentic gustatory experiences.

Unwind at Speakeasies and Live Music Venues

The nightlife in many of France’s towns and cities is filled with upbeat music, fun-loving crowds, and inventive cocktails. Speakeasies are gaining in popularity, providing atmosphere and exclusivity to travelers. Live music venues are also great spots to get to know the locals and let loose. These venues typically offer delicious beer, classic dishes, and up-and-coming acts.

Explore Undiscovered Landmarks

From hilly vineyards to centuries-old castles, France’s natural beauty and cultural attractions are world-renown. Most popular French landmarks draw large crowds, yet there is also an abundance of secret attractions that remain virtually undiscovered. By exploring lesser-known sites, travelers can have an authentic French experience, without excessive crowds and overpriced concessions.

Be a Responsible Tourist

Traveling responsibly is a notion that applies no matter one’s destination. To make the most of France, travelers should be aware of the ecological impact of their day-to-day activities, and act responsibly as they explore the country. Tourists should avoid buying souvenirs made of coral or shells, stick to marked trails when hiking, and respect the laws and practices of local communities. All travelers should leave France exactly as they found it–beautiful, accessible, and vibrant.

France has something special to offer everyone, no matter who they are. To travel like a local in France requires travelers to be curious and conscientious, to respect the local culture and environment, and to remain open-minded. With a little bit of education and insight, anyone can make the most of their French adventure and explore the country like an insider.

Shirley Blanc

Shirley J. Blanc is a French expat and a passionate Francophile. She has been living in France for over a decade, and loves to share her experiences and knowledge about the country with others. Shirley has written extensively on topics such as French culture, language, travel, and cuisine.

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