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Various countries across the world have implemented travel attestation measures to ensure the safety of their citizens and prevent the spread of contagious diseases. France, too, has joined the list of countries and, with rising numbers of the coronavirus cases, has put in force the need for travelers entering the country to provide a travel attestation.

What is Travel Attestation?

A travel attestation is a document which travelers need to fill and present prior to crossing the French border. The main objective behind such attestation is to state the purpose of your trip and to have a record of entering and exiting the country. This document is available in French, English and Spanish and can be acquired at airports, servicio consular, and websites or through text messages. Depending on the purpose of the trip, there are three types of attestations – work, education, and health. Travelers are required to fill in the purpose of the trip, duration, and location in the document. Additionally, there are certain fines listed which must be paid in case the duration of your stay is longer than what you filled in the travel attestation.

Advantages of Travel Attestation

Travel attestations provide multiple benefits not only to France, but to travelers as well. With a travel attestation, French authorities are able to track the whereabouts of travelers, identify cases of illegal migration, and keep a record of people entering and exiting the country. Furthermore, having an updated record of travelers entering France reduces the stress on authorities to track down travelers who have overstayed or are on the wrong type of visa. With the help of this document, travelers also have the option to prove they are in the country legally if questioned by the authorities. Lastly, it also prevents the international spread of contagious illnesses, such as the ongoing pandemic.

Limitations of Travel Attestation

Although the implementation of travel attestations has its advantages, it also has some downside. According to the opinion of experts and real-life examples, there have been multiple cases of travelers being subjected to unjust fines. This is mainly due to the inability to clearly state the purpose and duration of their trip before entering France. Citizens who have gone to visit family or travel for pleasure have been asked to pay large sums for entering more than the duration mentioned in their travel attestation. Additionally, there have also been cases of travelers being asked to pay multiple times for the same violation, as they travel different parts of the country. This is due to the lack of communication between customs authorities in different towns.

Call to Action

In conclusion, travel attestations is an essential measure taken by French authorities to ensure their citizen’s safety. That being said, if travelers have a complaint regarding the fines they have been asked to pay, they should make sure to voice their concerns and get in touch with authorities to resolve the issue. Additionally, travelers are advised to make sure that the travel attestation they fill is accurate and precise, to avoid getting into such situations in the first place.

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