Poitiers France To Paris Travel Options

Traveling between Poitiers, France to Paris is not just a seasonally popular activity–it is a way of life for many people who want to experience all the beauty and culture of one of the most historically significant regions in the world. From luxury accommodations to a broad selection of transport options, the route between Poitiers and Paris is full of possibilities and potential experiences for anyone looking to make the journey. This article will explore the various travel options available, from buses and trains to boats and planes, and consider both their pros and cons.


Train travel is one of the oldest forms of transportation, with regular service between Poitiers and Paris that dates back to the early 19th century. The high-speed TGV train offers comfortable and convenient travel at speeds of up to 300 km/h, making the journey from Poitiers to Paris a quick journey of 2 hours and 5 minutes. Travellers can purchase tickets online or at any train station in France, and the ticket prices are highly competitive.
The TGV is by far the most popular option, offering travellers the chance to enjoy the scenic views of France along the way. The trains are also very clean and comfortable, with wide, reclining chairs and plenty of legroom. However, it is important to note that the trains can get quite crowded during holiday times and it is always best to book early to ensure availability.


Buses offer yet another way to get from Poitiers to Paris and there are plenty of companies that offer regular service between the cities. The buses, which run on environmentally friendly diesel fuel, are generally less expensive than the train, with tickets ranging from 10-20 Euros. Journey times on the medium-distance bus can vary between 5-6 hours and the buses offer some of the most scenic views of the French countryside.
The downside is that the buses tend to be much more cramped and uncomfortable than trains and there are some reports of poor customer service. Additionally, due to the longer journey times, there are fewer available services throughout the day. If travelers are looking to save money, the bus is a great option. However, those who are looking for convenience and comfort should opt for the train.


If travelers are looking for a more leisurely way to get from Poitiers to Paris, a cruise boat is the perfect option. Cruise boats offer a unique and memorable way to explore France, with regal cabins, exquisite meals, and a range of onboard activities. Cruise boats run between the cities from April to September and, although there are fewer services available, they generally offer a more luxurious experience than train or bus, with prices ranging from 250-500 Euros.
The downside is that journey times can be quite long, ranging from 8-10 hours, and the boats are not as fast as the trains. Additionally, due to the shorter season, it is often difficult to find available cruises and the prices may be beyond the budget for some.


The plane is perhaps the fastest way to get from Poitiers to Paris, with journey times of as little as 50 minutes. Flying is also often the most expensive option and prices can range from 100-200 Euros, depending on the route and the airline. The main upside to flying is that flights are very frequent and, depending on the airline, they can offer a pleasant and even luxurious experience.
The downside of flying is that the environment takes a significant toll due to the planes’ heavy environmental footprint. Additionally, airport security can be a hassle and, depending on the time and the airline, delays are quite common.


Traveling between Poitiers and Paris is an exciting and potentially rewarding experience. Travellers have a wide range of options to choose from, including bus, train, boat, and plane. Each can offer some unique benefits, and it is important to take the time to explore all of them and make an informed decision. Ultimately, these factors can be important in determining which form of transport is the best for each individual’s needs.

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