Medical Transport Insurance While Traveling In France

When considering a trip to France, many people overlook the possibility of needing medical transport insurance. Knowing what type of coverage is available, what it covers and how heavily it weighs into an overall travel experience can be helpful in making decisions surrounding the protection of your health and financial interests while on a journey.

Medicare in France is provided through the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS covers some forms of medical transport but can be limited for travelers. Private insurance providers offer chances to purchase additional protection while abroad. Different insurance packages present varying levels of travel medical transport coverage, such as ambulance transportation and helicopter evacuation. Carefully examining the level of coverage from a provider is essential before committing.

Benefits of Medical Transport Insurance

Travel medical transport insurance comes with many benefits. If a traveler experiences a medical emergency in France, they know that they will not be responsible for the full cost of the transport. This protection takes a great deal of burden off of their shoulders. In addition, many insurance plans offer round-the-clock access to medical professionals for questions regarding a health situation, as well as emergency evacuation if the medical emergency arises in an extremely remote location. Most plans will also reimburse lost or stolen items, as well as pay for necessary medical treatment.

Drawbacks of Medical Transport Insurance

While medical transport insurance can be beneficial during a foreign visit, there are still some drawbacks to consider. Some medical transport insurance plans may not cover pre-existing medical conditions, leaving the traveler at risk if a medical emergency arises in such a case. In addition, while the insurance is there to help during a health emergency, it does not always provide the same access to care as private medical insurance would. Lastly, medical transport insurance can be costly and may actually end up being more expensive than traditional health insurance for an extended trip.

Traveler Considerations

When deciding whether to purchase medical transport insurance for a trip to France, it is important to consider the length of travel, the goal of the vacation and the types of activities planned. For vacations longer than one month, it may be wise to purchase medical transport insurance as an added level of protection. For shorter trips, travelers should consider the types of activities in which they plan on participating. Those embarking on extreme sports adventures such as skiing or mountain climbing should consider the risk of potential medical emergencies and purchase medical transport insurance as a precaution. Regardless of the duration and type of trip, many travelers find the added protection and peace of mind worth the small investment.

Overall, purchasing medical transport insurance for travel to France is an individual decision that travelers must make for themselves. While the coverage can be beneficial, the drawbacks must also be acknowledged before making a commitment. With careful consideration and thoughtful planning, travelers should be able to make an informed decision on the topic prior to departure.

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