Did Saint France Xavier Love To Travel

Throughout his life, Saint France Xavier was renowned for travelling to distant lands, earning him the title of ‘Apostle of the Indies’. He traversed strange lands in his pursuit to spread Christianity across the globe, encompassing his faith and compassion for humanity in his endeavors. It is debatable whether or not this was an innate love for travel, or a product of his selfless pursuit to spread his faith. In answer to the question of whether Saint France Xavier loved to travel, it is a multi-faceted issue that cannot be determined definitively.

When examining Xavier’s life, it appears to paint a picture of a great passion for travel, boasting of an impressive journey that he undertook. While he was a professor at the University of Paris, he met Ignatius Loyola and together with five other companions they took vows at Montmartre. After being ordained, he and his friends became the Jesuits. Xavier was then commissioned to preach the gospel, resulting in him taking several missionary trips across the world to India, Japan, and even China. His efforts in India had an indelible effect in establishing a presence of Christianity there.

It is also important to consider Xavier’s motivations for travel. His travels across the different lands of Asia were not for leisure, but of carrying out God’s will. He was a deeply religious and spiritual individual that had a desire to spread Christianity around the world, and travel was a means to this end. As a result, it can be argued whether or not these travels were truly borne out of a love for adventure. He was also known to be immensely dedicated; the sheer intensity of his travels can be seen in his core beliefs, enabling him to travel without any visible signs of fatigue.

Underlying Considerations

There is a section of critics that would argue that it was Xavier’s sense of obedience to his beliefs that drove him to his travels. However, rather than view this as the only factor, an underlying consideration can be made. By exploring Xavier’s life from a holistic perspective, including his heritage and personal traits, it can be seen that travel, and in particular, travelling for a greater cause, was embedded in his lifestyle. This was evident in his upbringing with his father being a seafarer, providing Xavier with an environment that encouraged explorationism from a young age.

It can also be argued that it was Xavier’s generous spirit that made him travel with such vigour. He was an individual with a compassionate heart, looking to do good for everyone he encountered. It was thus the need to share his virtues and faith across lands that motivated him, and his passion for travelling was an extended result of this. It is also worth noting that Xavier was a member of the Jesuit order, a group whose catechism required its members to “Travel forth gladly”, and thus his travels could be seen as somewhat of a religious duty as opposed to a personal ambition.


Therefore, to conclude, whether or not France Xavier ‘loved to travel’ is a difficult question to answer and could be best defined as a personal opinion. While his travels across Asia were indeed remarkable, some would argue that they were motivated by his desire to proselytize, and not solely due to any inner urge to explore. It can also be debated whether his travels were compelled by his faith and Jesuit order, rather than from a love for travelling itself. However, ultimately it is undeniable that Xavier possessed an incredible spirit for adventure, which underlies all of his travels.

Regardless of the exact motivations, Saint Francis Xavier has left an incredible legacy that endeared him to all those who he encountered in his memorable journey. He has been described as ‘the greatest missionary of modern times’ and is revered as a saint by both the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. He lived a life devoted to doing good for others, with travel being a distinct part of it.

Saint Francis Xavier serves as an exemplary role model for us all, and demonstrates what an individual can achieve if they set their soul and spirit to a purpose. His constant travelling to expand his mission has left a lasting impression in more ways than one, and it serves as a reminder to always reach out with arms stretched wide, discovering the goodness and potential of others.

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