Cost Of Travel To France

Travelling to France can be an incredibly exciting experience. After all, this is a country that offers rich history,​ stunning architecture, and delicious gastronomy. But while travellers may be tempted to head off to the Land of the Gauls, it is important to consider the cost of travel and related expenses. People should understand that heading to France can be a relatively expensive adventure.

To start, travelling to France typically involves a good chunk of change in airfare. Depending on the season, airline tickets can range from moderately to exorbitant prices. Taking a flight from North America, for instance, can easily cost more than 500€. Accommodation expenses can also vary greatly. It is possible to find reasonably priced hostels and hotels in many of the cities. Unfortunately, these budget options can be hard to come by in prime tourist destinations such as Paris and the Riviera. Even an average hotel in France can cost more than 100€ per night.

When travelling to France, individuals will need to consider the cost of everyday items as well. Food, transportation, and museum entry fees all add up. Eating out at an average restaurant is likely to cost between 30€ and 40€ per person, while a luxury meal can cost as much as 100€. Even everyday groceries can be expensive given that France has some of the highest supermarket prices in Europe. Additionally, smaller cities and towns can be hard to get to due to limited public transportation. Thus, some tourists may find themselves having to rent a car, which could add more than 100€ to the travel costs.

Possible Tips to Help Reduce Travel Costs in France

The cost of travel to France can be reduced if individuals take the right approach. First, travellers should look to use discounts offered by airlines and other travel agencies. Some of the major airlines offer discounts and airfare sales, which can significantly reduce the cost of flying to France.

Second, planning ahead and booking hotels early can also help to reduce accommodation costs. Reserving a hotel room during the off-season can result in considerable savings. Third, travellers should seek out cost-effective restaurants that offer amazing deals on French cuisine. Most bigger cities in France will have a variety of budget-friendly eateries and cafés. Lastly, individuals should consider taking day trips to nearby cities and towns rather than renting cars. It is often considerably more affordable to take a bus or a train, oftentimes costing around 40€ for a round trip ticket.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, travelling to France can be an expensive and rewarding adventure. After taking into consideration all the expenses involved, tourists should come up with a budget to ensure that they get the most out of their visit without breaking the bank. With proper planning and research, tourists can find a variety of ways to reduce the cost of their trip and explore the beautiful country without breaking the bank.

Shirley Blanc

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